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What are terrariums?

Terrariums are glass vessels with small openings, which can house small, easy to sustain plants such as succulents, ferns, mosses, tillandsias and other greenhouse-loving plants. Closed terrariums reach an optimum level of humidity within days, creating a stable micro-climate, and can house moisture-loving moss or arid plants with little need for extra water. Even minimally open vessels provide enough humidity so that terrarium plants can thrive with little effort and minimal watering. These captivating mini landscapes enhance a room with verdant vitality.

What are succulents?

Succulents are plants which retain water in their stems and leaves, allowing them to survive without external water sources during dry spells. These plants thrive in poor soils and withstand quite a bit of neglect. Striking in appearance, succulents come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and textures. Some more commonly known types of succulents include cacti, aloe, agave, bromeliads, echeveria and aeoniums. Succulents grow prevalently in tropical or subtropical climates, such as California, but can be sustained indoors with six to eight hours of bright indirect sunlight and infrequent watering.

What are tillandsias?

Tillandsias, also known as "air plants," are typically found in the southern United States, Central and South America, and the West Indies. Tillandsias are epiphytes; unlike other plants which use their roots to obtain water and nutrients from the soil, tillandsias use their roots to grasp onto surfaces such as rocks and tree branches but obtain nutrients and water from the air, rain and surrounding environment.

What if there is little to no sunlight in my home?

Fear not; tillandsias will be forgiving if you can provide full spectrum fluorescent lights, or Grow Lights.

What kind of soil should I use for succulents and cacti?

For succulents and cacti we recommend and provide fast draining Succulent and Cacti Soil such as our Gritty Mix Succulent Soil or Epsoma Organic Cactus Mix. Alternatively, you can make your own blend by mixing 1 part Turface, 1 part Pine Bark Fines and 1 part Crushed Granite or 1 part potting soil, 1 part coarse sand and 1 part perlite. The basic goal is to achieve a light, porous soil that drains quickly. Tropical foliage can be potted in any good All-Purpose Potting Mix.

What kind of water should I use and how often?

The best type of water for your terrarium is spring water or rain water. Distilled water can be used in a pinch but can starve your plants of essential minerals. Softened tap water should not be used. Rain water is free and will keep your plants the happiest.

How do you ship in the winter?

Plants will continue to be shipped during the winter, however, in the case of severe weather it is possible that orders will be held to ensure safe delivery of your plants. Orders will be shipped when weather conditions are favorable. If you are in a location with colder temperatures we ask that you track your packages and bring them indoors as soon as possible and allow your plants to return to room temperature.

How do I care for my plants?

You can check out our terrarium and plant care pages. If you have a question that isn't answered on one of those pages please e-mail us at

Where is Gilly's Garden?

Gilly's Garden and its offices and warehouse are located in beautiful Oxford, Connecticut and vicinity. Gilly's Garden does not operate a shop or storefront at the present time. For liability reasons, Gilly's Garden is not able to welcome customers into its office/warehouse. For our complete contact information, please refer to our Contact Us page.












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