Tillandsia Collection Small

Tillandsia Collection Small

Tillandsias are easy-to-care-for terrarium residents and will make themselves home almost anywhere with indirect light and daily misting. Situate your tillandsias in an open or ventilated terrarium, on driftwood or natural stones, inside shells, or simply on a ledge in the sun!

The tillandsias you receive will vary slightly from these photos in size, shape, and color. We will select from the following varieties to curate the perfect collection for you: tillandsia brachycaulus green, tillandsia bulbosa Guatemalan, tillandsia funckiana, tillandsia ionantha Guatemalan, tillandsia ionantha rubra, tillandsia seideliana, tillandsia tenuifoila emerald forest, tillandsia utriculata pringleyi

  • Pack of five
  • 2.5" - 3.5"



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